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Both "Sure Thing" and "The Stuff of Legends"received airplay on over 80 radio stations in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Both "Sure Thing" and "The Stuff of Legends" charted inside the Top 25 for Roots Music (RMR)  and "Sure Thing" was a Top 100 album for 2017.

"Sure Thing" spent 12 weeks inside the AMA Top 150. "The Stuff of Legends" was inside the Top 150 for 7 weeks.

"Bourbon" track was featured on on Bob Harris Country on BBC radio

"Fifty years after The Sweetheart of The Rodeo album comes a band so much influenced by that record..., the great Big State"

- Whispering Bob Harris, UK Radio Hall of Fame,  The Old Grey Whistle Test television show

"One of the better CDs I have heard this year. They are a great blend of barroom rock and roll and twang - cut from the same cloth as the Old 97's and Bottle Rockets,but with their own stamp on the style. These guys have a killer new CD on their hands!"

"Track after track they pave their way, they force you to realize that they sound right, I would even say they play excellent Alt-Country rock with a good spirit and good intensity"
- American Roots Music

"Carrying the torch first lit by Old 97's and others with true Alt-Country/Rock panache"

- Bonnie Gollhofer, KBUT

"They've got a sound akin to the Old 97's or Uncle Tupelo, but make no mistake; Big State is 100% Austin Country. Grab yourself a frosty beverage of your choice and be prepared to be entertained."

InSite Magazine



Pulling together bar band swagger, honky-tonk stomp, and pop-rock smarts and vigor, Big State barnstormed the alternative country-rock scene in Austin in the beginning of 2016. The band immediately caught on at multiple venues as they quickly built a fanbase with their unique blend of Roots Rock, Alt-Country Americana and sweaty, high-octane sets. Within only 2 months the band was asked, and played, an Austin "music week" showcase. Big State is known for their good time, high energy shows, and their fan favorite song, Heck Yeah, Dang Right, never fails to bring the house down.

On June 9, 2017 Big State released their first full length album, Sure Thing. The 13 song album combined new songs as well as remixed and remastered songs from two EPs the band recorded in 2016, and found the band hitting their stride, as gated and chaotic as that stride may be. Sure Thing quickly found acceptance, receiving airplay on over 80 radio stations in the US, Canada, and Europe and hitting #131 on the AMA Americana chart as of the June 12 and #24 on the Roots Music Report Americana Top 50 as of June 17.

In September, 2018, Big State released their sophomore effort, "The Stuff of Legends", and found even broader acceptance. Again, the album received play on over 80 radio stations with similar charting success as their freshman album. What was different was pushing out to new contries (12 total), continents (Australia in addition to North America and Europe), as well as new, larger stations. In fact, the first play off the album actually coming from the legendary Whispering Bob Harris (The Old Grey Whistle Test television show) on Bob Harris Country on BBC radio ( ).

With a tip of the cap to their influencers such as Uncle Tupelo, Old 97's, and Slobberbone, Big State's songs are irreverent and entertaining, blending the biographical and pure fiction, and drawing from that story-telling gene that's inherently built into a Texan. The haywire result that is growing up and being a musician in Austin is evident, as the music is equal parts Willie and The Clash, that always present intersection of Country and Punk/Rock that exists in the Live Music Capital of the World.

Heck Yeah, Dang Right



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Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Tel: 512-698-3525


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